Increase your Income with Soft-Tissue Technology for Elite and Professional Therapists. Experience Better and Faster Results While Saving Time and Energy.




With free volume velocity adapted from powerful pumps in Europe’s largest oil fields, the Tuxen Machine is designed to provide superior power over other vacuum technologies, allowing you to do DYNAMIC vacuum treatment and more effectively treat strong cohesions in dense muscle areas such as the lower back, legs, and more. 


Unlike hand pumps, which require you to use your hand to dial in the pressure, the Tuxen Machine’s easy adjustability allows for quick and precise adjustments. This makes it possible to dial in the proper pressure for each patient’s needs more quickly and effectively. 

Built with top-quality engineering, durability is at the forefront of the Tuxen’s Machine’s design. While other machines will begin failing after just a few months of heavy use, Tuxen allows you to provide quality treatment for years with only minimal service requirements. 

Designed to be as service-free as possible, the Tuxen Machine requires only two simple steps to service. First, change a filter on the hose every few months and simply empty a collecting chamber for any massage oil that has been extracted into the system. It’s simple set-and-forget servicing that allows your staff to focus on what matters – patient care.


Faster Results that Last Longer, for Happier and Healthier Patients.
Similar Results to 1 Hour of Deep Tissue Massage in Just A Few Minutes.
The Possibility to Easily Adjust the Vacuum Pressure for Specialized Treatments Across the Whole Musculoskeletal System.
The Ability to Treat Even the Densest Musculature Effectively Through the Power of German Engineering.
A Treatment that Easily can be 
Combined With a
Rehabilitation Plan 
The Ability to Provide Myofascial Stimulation without the Need to Apply Much Force. 
The Opportunity to Provide Cutting Edge Treatments That the World’s Top Athletes are Using Every Day.


Fast, Easy, and Effective
Treatment for Soft-Tissue.
Immediate Relaxation
of Tense Muscles 
Superior Treatment
Capabilities for Fascia.
Highly Localized Suction
for Immediate Relief of
Myofascial Trigger Points.
Powerful stimulation
for better blood flow. 
Decreased Pain Post-Injury
and Post-Workout. 
Faster Healing and
Less Discomfort. 
Adhesion Relief


The benefits of using Vacuum Therapy in your practice are wide ranging (and we will highlight some below). But perhaps the most enticing reason for many therapists is that patients love the treatment. We are all aware of the complicated business of health. You have to simultaneously balance the requests and wishes of you patients, to the effect of treatment. Surely, if a patient has a strong urge for a certain type of treatment that you as a therapist does not consider proper for the condition in question, you would still probably get some effect. But with the Tuxen Machine you get both. A high patient satisfaction, and a state-of-the art soft tissue treatment.


While the current popularity of vacuum therapy is a great draw for new patients, and can bolster the financial success of your practice, there are many more patient-oriented benefits that you can deliver by adding vacuum therapy. 

You may have seen celebrity athletes such as Michael Phelps sporting their “cup marks” on the red carpet and at the start of each race. Why has vacuum therapy become so common among the top athletes? Put simply, it’s a valuable supplement to your existing deep tissue treatments. 

Negative pressure adds a whole new dimension to treatment, as vacuum therapy techniques provide a deep and soothing approach to soft tissue manipulation. Scars disappear, ROM improves, pain levels decrease, blood flow increases, and inflammation reduces, among other things. In addition, vacuum therapy with a powerful tool like the Tuxen Machine can help provide profound relief to a variety of disorders across the body, including :



Combining the proper vacuum therapy techniques with a powerful tool like the Tuxen Machine can provide profound benefits of the treatment of soft tissue disorders. The powerful Tuxen Machine can deliver deep soft-tissue release in most muscles.


There are numerous causes of lower back pain. But most of them cause an alteration in muscle activity in the muscles surrounding the lower back. In most cases you can alleviate pain by targeting these muscles. Not only by the direct stimulation, but also to decrease the tone of the muscles resulting in less hyperactivity.


In addition to the general relaxation benefits of vacuum therapy, the Tuxen Machine’s adjustable power also makes it a useful tool in treating the head directly. This can include treating areas around the neck, cheekbones, forehead, and around the eyes to relieve cervicogenic headache and tension type headache.



For those therapists who regularly treat athletes or physically active patients, the benefits of vacuum therapy can easily be applied to heavy use injuries such as runners knee. Vacuum therapy allows therapists to remove adhesions in the musculature around the knee, and improve circulation for rapid healing. 



If you’re like most therapist, you probably see your fair share of athletes in your in your everyday practice. While countless treatments exist to varying effect, none provide the precise benefits of vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy can easily and effectively be used to reduce pain levels and increase circulation to aid in a quicker recovery phase.


As blood rushes to fill the empty space created by the vacuum, it brings with it fresh nutrients and oxygen, which aids in speeding up the healing process. In addition, a powerful tool like the Tuxen Machine is capable of relieving adhesions and constrictions in the muscles, clearing away toxins, dead cells, and other debris. The combination of increased blood flow and decreased adhesion may provide instantaneous relief and long-term healing.


If you’re like most therapists, you probably see your fair share of PF ailments in your everyday practice. While countless treatments exist to varying effect, none provide the precise benefits of vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy can easily and effectively be used to reduce pain levels, and increase flexion and extension of the toes and foot, all while loosening and releasing soft tissue across the entire leg.


Just as deep tissue massage can be an essential tool in the treatment of Sciatica, vacuum therapy allows for a deeper and faster relief to the musculature surrounding the sciatic nerve, quickly reducing pain and aiding in the healing process. Vacuum treatment not only increases blood flow and relaxes the surrounding muscles, but it also provides immediate relief to the sciatic nerve by literally sucking the surrounding tissue away from areas that have been exposed to irritation. 

Vacuum therapy can be applied to even more ailments, aches, and pains than highlighted above. And the best part? Because of the Tuxen Machine’s adjustable power, it allows for better treatment of parts of the body including: 

  • Head and Neck

  • Face, Sinuses and Tear Ducts

  • Shoulder

  • Spine

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Legs, Feet and Ankles

  • Fingers and Wrists