In recent years, the world has developed rapidly due to a technological revolution. The time has now come to take the next step into the future, and embrace a new paradigm.

We set out to build a machine that would provide superior results and stand the test of time. In order to this Tuxen has developed a technologically advanced machine that is built strong and versatile. Inspired by the technologies used on oil platforms in  one of the toughest environments in the world; the North Sea. 


Given our location in the oil capital of Europe, and our extensive clientele of oil professionals, we knew from word of mouth that the oil industry employed pumps that were both exceptionally powerful and durable. After all, extracting oil in the north sea is one of the toughest environments in the world, and any breakdown of equipment/service/downtime would cost millions. We knew that the oil industry in Stavanger would accept no “weak links in the chain.” And if they don’t, why should we?

So, after surveying the tough and demanding oil industry, we found the perfect pump. When we started testing it on our patients in Norway, we didn’t know what to expect, but we were instantly impressed with its power and durability. There was only one problem – it sounded like a race car when we turned it on. Not exactly a relaxing sound for our patients. We went back to the manufacturer and asked them to redesign the pump for medical purposes. They accepted the challenge.

Over years of testing and reconfiguring, we removed the noise, made the vacuum pressure adjustable, and gave it a portable “plug and play” design. We also made sure that the pump was as service free as possible, so that therapists and office staff wouldn’t have to spend hours servicing their machines. 

That’s how the Tuxen Machine was created. So, now that you know how we went about creating a perfect vacuum therapy machine, we’ll tell you a little about what you can expect to gain from employing one in your practice.

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Tonje Tuxen has a Bachelor in Physical Therapy from The European School of Physical Therapy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She also has a master’s-degree in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Furthermore, she studied  Health Science in Marbella, Spain. She has long clinical experience working in different clinical settings within the field of musculoskeletal disorders. Tonje has also worked with athletes, both in rehabilitation, injury prevention and optimizing performance.

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Sales and Marketing Director

Silje has worked full time as a Natural healthcare practitioner since 1999. She has specialized in decompression therapy/vacuum therapy, Reflexology, TFT and nutrition. Before this Silje worked 10 years in an international oil company (BP) as an exploration technician. Silje has had an interest in natural health and medicine since her childhood, but her interest grew into a passion when her mother got seriously ill from MS and conventional medicine could not help.

Today Silje runs her own private practice in Stavanger, Norway and is passionate about sharing the many benefits of cupping with the rest of the world together with her sister Tonje.