Learn Vacuum Therapy for  Athletes!

Discover a Simple, Proven Way to Relieve Your Clients’ Aches and Pains and Help Them Heal Faster!

If you’re like most clinicians, you see quite a few Athletes and other active people coming through your doors. 

In many cases, these people are looking to you to help them relieve pain that has been lingering for weeks, months, or even longer!

What if You Could Start Each Session with Complete Confidence that You’ll Help Clients Achieve Pain Relief and Healing

When you add this easy technique to your clinical practice, you can increase your income and attract numerous new athlete clients as a result of referrals from your vacuum therapy clients!

This technique can help even the most active clients (including top performers in a wide range of sports) reduce soreness and muscle stiffness, enjoy faster healing from injuries, and keep their bodies running at peak performance levels.

Unlike traditional techniques, this technique doesn’t put stress on your fingers, hands, arms, or back. Yet it has been shown to be highly effective for treating injuries and pain caused by physical exertion.

Vacuum Therapy can be many times more effective than standard massage when working with Athletes

Coupled with the techniques you already use, this therapy can help your clients achieve astounding results – even when everything else they’ve tried just hasn’t worked!

And that means when they need pain relief again… they’ll come to YOU!

Not only that… but who do they think they’ll tell their teammates, friends, and family members to come see?

That’s right. YOU.

That has to sound good, doesn’t it?

So how do you learn the principles and techniques of this Vacuum Therapy method?

They’re right at your fingertips… right now!

We’ve put together a detailed guide to show you how to get started with the Tuxen Method Vacuum Therapy – even if you’ve never heard of it until now.

Just moments from now, you can have this little-known training in your own hands (We’ll show you how in a moment).

This in-depth guide will take all of the mystery and guesswork out of this mode of therapy, and will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to use this highly effective treatment on even your toughest clients… with incredible success!

Here’s Just a Peek at What You’ll Learn:

  • Help clients heal from injuries that have plagued them for months
  • Reduce or eliminate pain for even your most active clients
  • Empower clients to perform at peak levels in sports and other physical activities
  • Effortlessly keep your calendar full through repeat business and referrals
  • Spend your “down time” enjoying your life… instead of nursing your own aches and pains!

Get Your Hands on "How to Treat Athletes and Sports Injuries with Vacuum Therapy" Now! 

The regular price for this transformational training is just $297. Compare that to the thousands of dollars clinicians typically spend on in-person training to learn “new” techniques.

When you think about it, that’s a bargain – just adding a few vacuum therapy sessions to your schedule can more than pay for the small cost of this training.

But we want to make this an even easier decision.

So for a very limited time, we are going to give you immediate access to every bit of the training for just 37 dollars…

It’s just our way of rewarding you for taking action today. We want to help you help your clients… and empower you to become more pain-free too!

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Try it and Decide for Yourself If This is For You with Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We’ve successfully used vacuum therapy to treat more clients than we can count, and we’ve helped many others do the same. But we want you to decide for yourself if this therapy is right for your practice – risk-free!

Try out “How to Treat Athletes and Sports Injuries with Vacuum Therapy” for 30 days. If you’re not completely thrilled for any reason at all, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your investment!

You have nothing to lose, only incredible knowledge to gain. Get instant access right now!

How to Treat Athletes and Sports Injuries with Vacuum Therapy

This course will teach you how to target the most common areas of athletic wear and tear, spots injuries including:

  • Runners knee
  • Jumpers knee
  • Shin splints
  • Tennis leg
  • Tears
  • Golfers and Tennis elbow
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery after training
  • Lower back treatment
  • Thoracic spine & difficulty breathing
  • Neck treatment
  • ...and much more
  • You will become the go to expert in sports injuries due to fantastic and fast results and have great confidence because you know what you are doing
  • You will know exactly what to do to get fast and lasting results
  • Help the athlete with better flexibility for more effective movements in their sport. This can potentially help them run faster, throw longer and set records.
  • You will be able help the athlete recover faster between exercise sessions and helping the athlete get ready for competition

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Wow, what a deep dive into the fantastic world of cupping”

“This course is brilliant. The teaching method is highly effective. The videos makes it easy to learn and are of perfect length and it is easy to go back and check in for a refresher lecture if needed.

I recommend this course to anyone working with athletes no matter how many massage courses you have had before, I am sure this course will take you deeper." 

Heinrich Larsen
- Personal Trainer and Paramedic

“This course has really opened my eyes...”

“  I have been offering vacuum therapy for about 2 years now to all my clients, but this course has definitely opened my eyes to so much more useful knowledge and understanding.  

With my clientele being all athletes, I feel so empowered by what I have learned in such a short time ”

Christy Perry
- Massage Therapist
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I always wanted to understand cupping scientifically”

“This course brings clarity and understanding around the scientific principles and clinical reasoning around cupping / vacuum therapy.

I always wanted to integrate cupping into my practice and this course has made this easy and I feel safe and empowered and really understand this amazing tool and can now practice vacuum therapy with confidence."

Roger Aastrand
- Nutrition specialist

Order Vacuum Therapy for Athletes

Become a master in treating sports injuries and become the go to expert in this field. Know exactly what to do to get fast and lasting results. Help your athletes recover faster and get better movements in their sports so they can run faster, throw longer and set records.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not 100 satisfied with our Athletes course, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.