Tonje Tuxen - Manual Therapist

Tonje Tuxen has a Bachelor in Physical Therapy from The European School of Physical Therapy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She also has a master’s-degree in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Furthermore, she studied  Health Science in Marbella, Spain.
She has long clinical experience working in different clinical settings within the field of musculoskeletal disorders. Tonje has also worked with athletes, both in rehabilitation, injury prevention and optimizing performance.

Silje Tuxen - Natural Healthcare Practitioner and Massage Therapist

Silje has worked full time as a Natural healthcare practitioner since 1999. She has specialised in decompression therapy/vacuum therapy, Reflexology, TFT and nutrition.
Before this Silje worked 10 years in an international oil company (BP) as an exploration technician. Silje has had an interest in natural health and medicine since her childhood, but her interest grew into a passion when her mother got seriously ill from MS and conventional medicine could not help.
Today Silje runs her own private practice in Stavanger, Norway ( and is passionate about sharing the many benefits of cupping with the rest of the world together with her sister Tonje.